Southwest AC Supply Video Time 6:20

Both George Scott and John Osenbaugh discussed the circumstances and broader meaning of the matter involving the Harris County Appraisal District’s handling of the Southwest AC Supply protest process that led to binding arbitration.

While the separate story published on this matter involves detailed comments by Osenbaugh, in this video Scott, who personally researched and observed the arbitration hearing, calls the entire story an Exhibit A kind of  viewpoint into the scope of abusive treatment that too many property owners confront in an Appraisal Review Board protest environment that too often lacks even the pretense of accountability.

“The entire system failed. Unfortunately the system fails too often. This case, in a word, is pathetic performance by HCAD,” Scott said.

As noted, Osenbaugh provides more detailed in the related story but in this video he offers a powerful summary of events.