Texas Government Reality has been introducing itself for a little under a month now. We’ve put up some columns; focused on some particular issues; highlighted some particular cases to which we add some today.

Call it a ‘getting to know you period’ where we have primarily focused upon sending message targeting central appraisal districts with an awareness that this protest season of 2019 is going to be a new experience for them.

It’s about to get serious in a public policy kind of way.

Starting in May, the Appraisal Review Board process in Harris County for sure and others as well will undergo a level of detailed scrutiny unlike any in recent years. Full disclosure: that scrutiny will be for the purpose of determining legal avenues to bringing the current abusive system to a point of confronting reality: it has to change,

What’s hard to remember in a system that is so massive is the reality that ARB panel hearings in which the vast majority of property tax protests are resolved is about real people up against a system that is stacked against them without the cost of professional help.

Today and tomorrow, Texas Government Reality will publish a handful of individual stories from prior years that will create the foundation of what TGR will do essentially beginning in May through the summer months. We are going to pick out property disputes that represent more than just the individual landowner.

We are going to select protests that tell a bigger story of government abuse of the system – a story about an incredible lack of quality control by the major players that are in control of the administration of the property tax system.

The downside to the stories that we feature today and tomorrow (and previously) is that they happened in the the past before TGR even existed and ‘geared up’ to report in the present tense. It’s harder to go back in time and recapture the full drama (or video) of hearings: or their meaning to broader law.

At this point in time, we know we have the attention of targeted central appraisal districts in Texas. That was our first goal: let these districts know that for them, the game has changed starting in Harris County.

The video stories that we upload today are not as full mature as the stories we will tell starting in May because we are going to be able to apply serious journalistic standards in REAL TIME that is harder to do with the system in past tense.

We are anxious for May and the start of the official protest season to get here. The issues are huge. TGR will be relentless in its approach.

Central appraisal districts can depend upon that.

Real abuse to real people. That’s the headline going forward.