This is a genuinely important issue that goes way beyond the challenges of a single property owner. It may well go to the heart and soul of whether the central appraisal district of Harris County operates under even a semblance of quality control, and whether the Appraisal Review Board system even pretends to offer independent quality control in enforcing the property tax code.

This is the story of a property owner who owns acreage on which is residence is situated about 2 blocks or so off Memorial Drive in Houston.  That makes a perfect “plausbile” situation to assert maximum values.

However,the acreage that surrounds the property has no direct commercial links to Memorial Drive in terms of frontage. Moreover, the acreage property has defined and serious flood plain issues and right of way issues associated with it.

Here’s your introduction to the matter.

Starting in May and as lawsuits proceed, TGR will follow this one closely. Very closely.