​TexasGovernmentReality.com will work hard to live up to its name by focusing upon three primary issues over the next year.

These include:

The Texas Property Tax System at both ground level and in the policy arena.
Public School Finance at the level of explaining what the real impact is on school districts throughout Texas.
Public Education Academic equity with a special focus on addressing the fundamental issues of whether the State of Texas is actually committed to closing the academic equity gap particularly for at-risk, minority group children.

For the first couple of weeks, the primary focus here will be adding daily to the content on the property tax system. Soon, TexasGovernmentReality.com will begin adding profiles, features, and content targeting public school finance and the public education academic equity issues in ways that have not generally been done in a consistent way in most communities in Texas.

Long-time community based journalist and public policy advocate George Scott from Katy will serve as a coordinator for the project. In his 46 year career, Scott has developed expertise or significant working experience in the three primary issues addressed above.

After its initial roll-out and about a month of regular additions to our inaugural content, it is the plan of TexasGovernmentReality.com to broaden its focus in communities and regions in Texas counties across the state as feasible.

As TexasGovernmentReality.com has done initially with the property tax issue, it will seek out significant experts such Pat O’Connor and John Osenbaugh who bring many decades of superior experience and credentials in their issue: the property tax system and how it impacts every property owner in Texas.

It will take a little time to work out some of the kinks in launching a new website with ambitious plans.

You can contact TexasGovernmentReality.com by emailing GHScott2050@gmail.com

As a matter of policy which will be strictly observed, TexasGovernmentReality.com will NOT allow anonymous posting on this website. Those that have suggestions about issues they believe should be analyzed are free to contact as noted above.

This is not and will not become a social media enclave for anonymous conduct.